Welcome to the blog of Awareness of Gender Bias in the Arts (AGBA)

Are you weary of the same old biases in the arts?
Are you ready to examine art past and present through a fresh lens?
Are you eager to act and engage in a way that will accomplish an unbiased environment for future generations?
Are you a director, curator, or other arts administrator who understands the inequalities but has yet to find a partner organization touting sensitivity, passion, and fresh perspective?
Are you an educator eager to dispel demeaning and outdated gender stereotypes?
Are you an arts goer who is as yet unaware of pervasive inequality and wants to learn more?

Sandra headshot for Bio.Welcome to this brand new web site, launched in April 2016.  We are glad for the opportunity to introduce the Director, Sandra Blake, to you all.  If the above items stimulate your mind and get your blood running, we are glad you are here! Explore our website, keep up with our blog, and spread the word about AGBA to others.

AGBA’s mission is to build awareness of gender bias in the arts, promote change within the arts, and eventually eliminate bias for future generations. To get further acquainted, let us help you explore AGBA’s background. Our founder, Sandra Blake, was tired of experiencing the same old unfair biases at many arts events she attended. The bias stuck out most boldly at plays where the playwrights, directors, and cast are solely male and reflect a male point of view, at operas where female characters are gratuitously abused or shown being killed, and at art museums where the nude paintings and sculptures are seductively posed, reclining, and female.

Sandra has seen how biases are inflicted on children early on with lifelong effect.  One of AGBA’s objectives is to ensure that such biases are not perpetuated.

We invite you to express your concerns and help spread awareness of your personal examples of gender bias in the arts. We welcome your comments and hope you will actively champion the cause of greater equality. We look forward to hearing from you.