Read what Australian artistic director Lindy Hume of Opera Queensland has to say about opera’s sexism and its existential crisis.

“…the gender disparity in the world of opera, in particular, [is] ‘pathetic.’”

“…I can’t tell you the number of women [in the performance arts] who say to me, ‘God it’s good to be directed by a woman who understands women”

“It’s so obvious that it’s not just about the careers of female artists,” Hume says, “but about the kind of things that people [opera audiences] see on stage. And it’s about addressing the misogyny of opera. When you look at the cruelty to women — the rape and murder that happens — so much of that is not seen through a feminist framework, and not questioned enough.”

Don Giovanni is a typical product in opera of the womanizing and raping protagonist. Hume will direct this season’s production of Don Giovanni, which provides the audience with an opportunity to see the opera through Hume’s perspective as a woman and feminist. Despite Hume’s enthusiasm and involvement in this season, she’s so discouraged by what she has noted in the quotes above, this is her last season with the company.

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https://dailyreview.com.au/lindy-hume- interview/65552/

Watch the colorful and graphic video of the upcoming season at Opera Queensland: